We’re a strategy led design agency helping companies clarify their brand message and thrive in a crowded marketplace.

We learn the ins and outs of your business, your industry and your customers.

Developing a strategic framework for all visual and written communication.

Which gives you peace of mind and a blueprint as your business grows…

We moved away from providing everything “the one-stop shop” to experts in one area – brand strategy.

We were built out of necessity.

It’s time someone put as much specialization, focus and grit into branding as agencies put into sales.

We dig deeper to understand who you are, and what makes you stand out.

We are unorthodox, freethinkers, agile and we successfully challenge the status quo.

We are Vedra

See what we are capable of.

Our Name

The name Vedra comes from the connection between the founder Jesse Cervantes and the author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. After researching his surname, Jesse discovered something interesting. A famous chess position “The Saavedra position” was used by Fernando Saavedra to out strategies his opponents, during a position that was thought to be a draw. This is how we think at Vedra. There is always a strategy to put our clients ahead of the competition.

Our Story

My name is Jesse Cervantes. My passion for entrepreneurship and working for myself stated at a young age. I used to sell cookies at my high school during lunch, to make extra money to donate to people in need. I called my little business Uncle Jesse’s Cookies – clever I know. I dabbled in other things like selling painting and buying and selling things on the internet. I started my first legitimate business in the Army, selling fitness supplements. I quickly grew to love the branding side of the business. That’s when I decided to shut down all my operations, and focus strictly on branding and strategy. Thats when Vedra was born.

A word from our friends...

Recapture Media has been instrumental in getting Batch Twenty-One up and running! It first started with a logo design, then it blossomed into an awesome website design, and then to product label design! At each step of the way, Jesse and Recapture have been fantastic to work with on these projects! I highly recommend their work! They are patient, educational, and highly professional. Thank you Recapture for helping make Batch Twenty-One Hand-Crafted Skincare what it is today!

Batch Twenty-One, CEO

A word from our friends...

Recapture has been a joy to work with. They pack a triple punch, bringing talent, professionalism and a passion for serving their clients together to create a beautiful final product. My favorite thing about working with Recapture is that it’s always a collaborative process. They have a sharp sense of how to capture the core of a brand — and if they don’t quite get there the first time (and who does?), They’re keen to listen carefully and make revisions. Overall, Recapture is organized and easy to work with, and I would definitely recommend choosing him to bring your brand’s vision to life.

Taylor S, Editor-in-chief

A word from our friends...

This is one of the BEST companies to work with! Recapture is on the ball and never late on a project. They communicate effectively and truthfully. They listen and delivers with such a sense of understanding. They catch your vision for any design, video, graphic work and delivers a professional presentation of your brand that you can be proud to put out to the world! Thank you for great work!!

My Mini Casa, Marketing Director

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