Progress = happiness.

I often think about why I am so happy, and why other people complain, are trolls on the internet or gossip about one another. I think the number one thing that improves my happiness is progression. I do something that pushed me forward every day. I workout, I get educated on YouTube videos, books, podcast. Evey damn day. Knowing you worked hard at the end of the day and pushed towards your personal ultimate goal is completely satisfying.

Doing things that suck you backwards can put you in a downward spiral that’s tough to get out of. You eat bad, you don’t work out, you feel like shit and because you feel like shit you eat bad, don’t work out, don’t progress at your job, and the downward spiral continues.

It’s only when you understand the negative downward spiral you learn that you can reverse it and create an upward spiral of positivity. Eating clean leads to working out leads to reading leads to improving your life leads to learning, leads to understanding your potential which leads you to understand your ultimate goal in life and how to get there.

2018 is a good time to start that upward spiral.