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The Story 

Venom Coffee was founded with an optimistic spirit and a simple belief: a good cup of high-quality coffee has the potency to bring people together and power the growth and transformation each day has to offer.


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Strategy Overview

This is a quick overview on the challenge, strategy, process and impact of web design and development for Venom Coffee.

The challenges Venom Coffee faces were authenticity and budget. Their most significant pain point was sending customers to their website, knowing that it wasn’t on par with their brand standards. We created more than just a website, but a brand that effectively told Venom Coffee’s story and improved the buying process for customers. 

The Challenge

The challenge Venom Coffee was facing was not feeling legitimate when it came to their brand and website.

The Process

We started with understanding the needs of the Owner and the needs of the user, and combining them to make a highly attractive product that fit both needs.

The Strategy

Getting clear with Venom’s brand story, researching their target audience and finding a way for Venom to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

The Impact

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The Strategy

The strategy wasn’t to dive into creating the brand, but merging what the current customer liked about Venom Coffee and the story behind why Venom Coffee was born. Working closely with the CEO we developed a sitemap and wireframe that worked with their goals and budget. We focused on creating a highly visual landing page with animation, which is where the bulk of the budget went. After, we generated additional pages to give more information on the business, for anyone interested. 

Defining the Goals

The goals of the business wasn’t only to make sales, it was to disrupt the skincare market. Batch Twenty-One wanted to develop their product to be 100% environmentally friendly, using recycled packaging, natural ingredients and hand-crafted formulations.

Defining the Customer

Every point of the brand reflects the ideals of the target and what they want in a brand. Skincare made with unique products like refrained hops, and hemp oil. Products that are made with Recycled packaging. And a brand that represents the history of natural ingredients with a warm tone and loving introduction.

Defining the Brand

A reoccurring theme for Batch Twenty-one was the idea of shared skin care and an environmentally friendly products. We combined both when developing the brand, bringing a natural, hand-crafted, feel at every customer touch point.

The Process

The brand strategy and design process was focused around a simple message. Skin Care You Can Share. With this focused message, we developed design, imagery, messaging that reflected its warm and inviting nature. We created a brand guideline that will help them stay consistent throughout any platform. A website that reflects the history of their main ingredient hops, the sharing nature of a unisex skin care and an intuitive website built from the needs of the customer.


Website Design

After developing the strategy and brand identity design, we created a website to that matched its environmentally sustainable ethos and down-to-earth feel. Through user testing, their customer journey to purchasing a product has been cut in half. Making it easier for the customer and more fluid for the company,

A word from our friends at Batch Twenty-One

“Recapture Media has been instrumental in getting Batch Twenty-One up and running! It first started with a logo design, then it blossomed into an awesome website design, and then to product label design! At each step of the way, Jesse and Recapture have been fantastic to work with on these projects! I highly recommend their work! They are patient, educational, and highly professional. Thank you Recapture for helping make Batch Twenty-One  what it is today!” – Chett Boxley CEO, Batch Twenty-One

The Impact

The client was delighted with the outcome of the brand, and it aligned with her goals for the company. Currently, authenticity is no longer a problem, and Venom Coffee is becoming a distinguished company in the coffee market.

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