Let’s Build Your Brand House.

We develop a strategic framework to use as a blueprint for all visual and written communication. We also execute on that framework and provide brand identity design, logo systems, web design & development, print/digital design and more. Analogies are the best way for us to describe a concept. Often when we talk to individuals about brand strategy and it can be difficult to grasp what it is and what it encompasses – brand guidelines, messaging, value proposition, etc. Follow our unearth, blueprint and constructing phase.


We like to compare brand strategy to building a house. You need to start with a solid piece of land to build your foundation. This is what we call the unearthing phase or “discovery.” During this,​ we “unearth” everything about your business. Your unique value proposition, your customers, your business goals, your competitors and more. This gives us the foundation to actually start building your brand or your “blueprint.”


Once we learn about your business we start the strategy part of the branding or the “blueprint” phase. Anyone could probably build a house with no guides, but how long would it last? Would there be weak spots? What kind of longevity will it have? This is where having a solid strategy comes into play. Similar to a blueprint for a house. With a strong strategy, you will create even a stronger brand that will outlast your competitors.


Now we get into the identity brand design and actually build your house with the foundation and blueprint ready. Identity brand design is mostly visual. What is your brand going to look like? Similarly, what is your house going to look like? This is where your business communicates with its customers visually. We will create logo’s, websites, marketing material, package design and more.



Brand Strategy
Company Insight
Competitive Audit
User Research
Brand Architecture

Brand Identity

Logo Design & Identity System
Brand Manual/Guidelines
Naming & Messaging
Marketing Material
Brand Research


Website Design
Website Development
User Experience
Package Design
Digital Design

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